RJ CM2600&CM2660, Audio, Video, All-In-One, Camera, Speaker, Microphone
All-in-One Camera

CM2600 & CM2660

Audio-Video All-in-one
(Camera + Speaker + Microphone)


• 90° distortion-free• Speaker+MIC:Professional grade structural acoustic treatment + sealed sound chamber design• Comes with a folding stand• lnterface: type C & type A• Market Positioning: webcam & Audio Conferencing• Size:186X63X71mm• Mass production schedule: Mass-produced
Application Scenarios:• Remote collaboration, live gaming, live beauty, OBS recording, video editing, distance learning, remote small to medium sized meetings
Mounting: Folding bracket fixed laptop display, fixed desktop display, fixed triangular bracket

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Introducing CM2600 and CM2660: Distortion-Free Webcam & Audio Conferencing Solutions

Experience crystal-clear visuals and impeccable sound quality with CM2600 and CM2660, the ultimate webcam and audio conferencing devices designed for various professional applications. These cutting-edge products redefine your remote collaboration experience, making it ideal for remote meetings, live gaming, beauty streaming, OBS recording, video editing, distance learning, and small to medium-sized remote gatherings.

Featuring a 90° distortion-free lens, CM2600 and CM2660 deliver clear, true-to-life images, ensuring you always appear at your best during video conferences and recordings. The professional-grade structural acoustic treatment and sealed sound chamber design of the integrated speaker and microphone system guarantee exceptional audio clarity, enabling seamless communication in any setting.

With its versatile folding stand, these devices offer flexible mounting options, allowing you to fix them securely to your laptop display, desktop display, or a triangular bracket. The interface supports both type C and type A connections, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices for hassle-free connectivity.

Market positioning CM2600 and CM2660 as high-quality webcams and audio conferencing solutions, we’ve meticulously crafted these products to meet the needs of professionals in various fields. Sized at 186X63X71mm, they strike the perfect balance between portability and performance. Moreover, these devices are already in mass production, ensuring a reliable supply for our valued customers.

Elevate your remote communication and collaboration with CM2600 and CM2660. Experience the unmatched visual and audio quality they provide, bringing you closer to your colleagues, clients, and audiences, regardless of your location. Upgrade your video conferencing setup today and enjoy the ultimate convenience and efficiency these exceptional devices offer.

Note: For further information or to place an order, please contact our sales team.

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