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All-in-One Camera


Audio-Video All-in-one
(Camera + Speaker + Microphone)


• 4K Resolution• Speaker+MIC: Professional grade structural acoustic treatment + sealed sound chamber design• AI human automation selection• Dual microphone noise reductionAI touch switch + remote control switch• Support infrared remote control• Interface: Type C & Type A• Comes with a folding stand• Support electronic privacy protection and physical privacy protection

*Infrared remote control support electronic privacy protection, open and close, switch AI, zoom in and out, left or right, up and down, after zoom in, microphone close and open, other practical functions.
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Introducing the Ultimate 4K AI Camera

Your Perfect Solution for Professional-grade Acoustic Treatment and Seamless Automation!

Are you tired of compromising on audio quality during your presentations or video conferences? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art 4K AI Camera combines cutting-edge features to deliver an unparalleled audio-visual experience.

Experience crystal-clear sound with our Speaker+MIC system, featuring professional-grade structural acoustic treatment and a sealed sound chamber design. Say goodbye to background noise and enjoy pristine audio during your important meetings and presentations.

With AI human automation selection, our camera intelligently detects and tracks human subjects, ensuring you’re always in focus. No more worrying about adjusting the camera manually; let our advanced AI technology handle it for you effortlessly.

Say goodbye to unwanted noise with our dual microphone noise reduction feature. Enjoy crisp and clear audio, whether you’re in a crowded room or a noisy environment.

Control your camera with ease using our AI touch switch or remote control switch. Seamlessly switch between different modes, zoom in and out, adjust the camera angle, and even control microphone settings. The included infrared remote control further enhances convenience, allowing you to access electronic privacy protection and perform various practical functions.

Connectivity is a breeze with our versatile interface options, including type C and type A ports. Whether you’re using the latest devices or traditional equipment, our camera has you covered.

Setting up the camera is effortless, thanks to the included folding stand. Adjust the height and position according to your needs and enjoy a stable and reliable setup for your presentations or video calls.

Protect your privacy with our electronic and physical privacy protection features. Keep your personal and professional conversations confidential with just a click of the infrared remote control.

Elevate your audio-visual experiences and streamline your presentations with our exceptional 4K AI Camera. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Upgrade your setup today and experience the difference!

Take control of your audio and video like never before. Visit our website RJ Tech to learn more about our innovative AI Camera and discover the future of seamless automation.

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