RJC3800-AI-4K Camera, AI PTZ 4K Camera, AI Human Tracking, AI Camera
AI PTZ 4K Camera


AI human tracking + gesture recognition
Audio-Video All-in-one
(Camera + Speaker + Microphone)


• Dual axis° head (±170° horizontal, ±30° vertical)• 4K+AI• 5 Meters Pickup Microphone• 90° distortion-free lens• Low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio• Small, triangular stand, horizontal placement
Market Positioning: Webcam, remote collaboration

Mass production schedule: Produced on a trial basis

Application Scenarios: Remote collaboration, live game streaming, live beauty streaming, OBS recording, video editing, remote teaching, remote small and medium-sized meetings, local make-up and beauty

Mounting: Fixed triangular stand, vertical placement

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Introducing RJC3800: Redefining Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Elevate your remote collaborations and virtual meetings with RJC3800, the ultimate video conferencing solution. With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, RJC3800 delivers exceptional performance and enhances your communication experience.

Experience unparalleled flexibility with the dual-axis head, allowing ±170° horizontal and ±30° vertical movement. This wide range of motion ensures that you can easily adjust the camera angle to capture the perfect view, providing a dynamic and immersive visual experience.

Equipped with 4K+AI technology, RJC3800 delivers stunning visuals with exceptional clarity and detail. Enjoy crystal-clear video quality that brings your meetings to life, providing a true-to-life communication experience.

The built-in 5-meter pickup microphone ensures superior audio quality, capturing clear and natural sound. With its low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio, RJC3800 guarantees excellent audio performance, allowing for seamless and productive conversations.

The 90° distortion-free lens provides a wide-angle perspective, capturing a broader view of the meeting room. This ensures that everyone is visible and engaged, creating a more inclusive and immersive meeting environment.

RJC3800 features a sleek and compact design, complemented by a small triangular stand for horizontal placement. This space-saving solution fits seamlessly into any workspace, providing a professional and streamlined setup.

Market positioned as a versatile webcam for remote collaboration, RJC3800 is ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s remote collaborations, live game streaming, live beauty streaming, OBS recording, video editing, remote teaching, or small and medium-sized meetings, RJC3800 caters to all your communication needs.

Mounting the RJC3800 is effortless with the fixed triangular stand, allowing for vertical placement on your desk or workstation. This ensures optimal positioning and convenience during your video conferences.

Upgrade your video conferencing experience with RJC3800 and unlock a new level of communication and collaboration. With its advanced features, superior performance, and versatile applications, RJC3800 is the ultimate solution for remote collaborations and virtual meetings.

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