AI Camera, CM2800, CM2800s, Audio, Video, All-in-one, Speaker, Mic
All-in-One Camera

CM2800 & CM2800s

Audio-Video All-in-one
(Camera + Speaker + Microphone)


CC2800 MirrorCC2880s Light
• 4K Resolution• Speaker+MIC: Professional grade structural acoustic treatment + sealed sound chamber design• 90° distortion-free• Comes with a folding stand
lnterface: type C&type A
Market Positioning: Webcam
Mass Production Schedule: Produced on a trial basis
Application Scenarios:
Remote collaboration, live game streaming, live beauty streaming, OBS recording, video editing, remote teaching, remote small and medium-sized meetings, local make-up and beauty
Mounting: Fixed triangular stand, vertical placement

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Introducing CC2800 (Mirror) and CC2880s (Light): Elevate Your Video Experience with Stunning 4K Resolution

Experience the ultimate visual quality and seamless communication with CC2800 (Mirror) and CC2880s (Light). These cutting-edge webcams deliver stunning 4K resolution, ensuring exceptional clarity and detail in your video streams. Whether you’re engaging in remote collaboration, live game streaming, beauty streaming, OBS recording, video editing, remote teaching, remote small and medium-sized meetings, or local make-up and beauty, these versatile webcams will take your experience to the next level.

The integrated speaker and microphone system of CC2800 and CC2880s features professional-grade structural acoustic treatment and a sealed sound chamber design. Immerse yourself in high-quality audio that enhances communication and captures every detail with clarity. The 90° distortion-free lens ensures a true-to-life image projection, allowing you to present your best self to your audience.

Both webcams come with a folding stand, providing convenient placement options for your setup. The interface includes type C and type A connections, offering versatile compatibility with a wide range of devices. Positioned as high-quality webcams, CC2800 (Mirror) and CC2880s (Light) cater to the needs of professionals seeking superior visual and audio performance.

Please note that CC2800 (Mirror) and CC2880s (Light) are currently produced on a trial basis, ensuring a limited supply for our valued customers. Secure your webcam today to elevate your video experience and redefine remote communication.

For flexible mounting options, the webcams are compatible with fixed triangular stands and vertical placement. Choose the option that best suits your setup and enjoy seamless video communication.

Note: For more information or to place an order, please contact our sales team. Upgrade your video setup and unlock the power of 4K resolution with CC2800 (Mirror) and CC2880s (Light).

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