CM2900, AI Function, Conferencing, Camera, AI Camera, microphone, 4k, 2k, Zoom, RJ Tech
CM2900, AI Function, Conferencing, Camera, AI Camera, microphone, 4k, 2k, Zoom, RJ Tech
All-in-One Camera


Audio-Video All-in-one
(Camera + Speaker + Microphone)


• 4K Resolution• Speaker+MIC: Professional grade structural acoustic treatment + sealed sound chamber design• AI Function: Face detection, tracking, automatic selection of participants• Video Resolution: 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, 480p• Digital Zoom: 4X• Microphone: Intelligent microphone array• 3A Audio: AEC echo cancellation/AGC automatic gain/ANC noise suppression• Speaker: 5W• External Microphone: (Optional wireless extension microphone)• Image Sensor: 4K CMOS, effective pixels: 800W• Maximum Resolution: 3840x2160• Video Formats: MJPG, H264, H265• Angle of View: 90° Focal Length: 4=2.1mm Aperture: F2.0• Low Illumination: 0.1Lux EPTZ: Support Exposure: Auto• Focusing: Auto• Backlight Compensation: Automatic• Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥50dB White Balance: Automatic• Interface: Type C• Privacy Protection: Support

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Introducing CM2900: Redefining Video Conferencing Excellence

Experience exceptional video conferencing with CM2900. This cutting-edge device is packed with advanced features that enhance your communication and collaboration experience. With its 4K resolution, you can enjoy crisp and detailed visuals, bringing your virtual meetings to life.

The professional-grade speaker and microphone combination, featuring structural acoustic treatment and a sealed sound chamber design, ensures clear and immersive audio. Enjoy seamless conversations with the intelligent microphone array and benefit from the 3A audio capabilities, including AEC echo cancellation, AGC automatic gain, and ANC noise suppression.

CM2900’s AI function adds a new level of convenience and efficiency to your video conferences. With face detection, tracking, and automatic selection of participants, the camera focuses on the active speaker, ensuring smooth and engaging discussions.

With multiple video resolutions available, including 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, and 480p, you can adjust the quality to suit your needs. The 4X digital zoom allows you to focus on specific details, enhancing your visual experience.

Equipped with a high-quality 4K CMOS image sensor and supporting various video formats such as MJPG, H264, and H265, CM2900 delivers exceptional image clarity. The 90° angle of view and F2.0 aperture provide a wide perspective, while features like low illumination support and automatic exposure adjustment ensure optimal image quality in different lighting conditions.

CM2900 offers a user-friendly interface with its Type C connection. Additionally, privacy protection is a priority, with built-in support for safeguarding your personal information during video conferences.

Upgrade your video conferencing setup with CM2900 and enjoy the benefits of its advanced features and superior performance. Elevate your remote collaborations, virtual meetings, and communication with CM2900’s exceptional visual and audio capabilities.

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