AI Camera, smart tracking, accurate detection, stable tracking, anti-interference, adjustable sensitivity, virtual focus elimination, intelligent exposure, dual-cam design, deep learning algorithms, board writing recognition
All-in-One Camera


Audio-Video All-in-one
(Camera + Speaker + Microphone)


• Incorporating a dual-camera design for simultaneous tracking view and full view capabilities, delivering maximum 1080P60 outputs.• Equipped with a tracking camera featuring an HD lens and 12/20X optical zoom, allowing for a zooming distance of up to 30 meters and a horizontal field of view (HFOV) of up to 72.5°.• The full-view camera enables detection and recognition of all individuals present in the scene.• Utilizes an advanced AI algorithm based on deep learning, ensuring stable tracking performance and precise posture recognition.• Employs pose estimation technology to accurately capture and display board writing content.• Offers a range of versatile tracking modes including smart framing, zone tracking, lock-n-track, group tracking, posture-triggered tracking, target tracking, and standing up recognition.• Supports simultaneous outputs through HDMI, USB3.0, Ethernet, and 3G-SDI, with added support for Power over Ethernet (POE).• Includes a built-in web user interface (UI) for easy configuration and control.


• Maintain continuous tracking of the lecturer's movements, whether they turn around or remain stationary for a period.• Focus exclusively on tracking the lecturer, disregarding other moving objects in the vicinity.• Automatically adjust the tilt angle of the camera based on the lecturer's height for optimal framing.• Precisely track the lecturer while disregarding students who may stand up or wave their hands.• Implement smooth tilt motion while actively tracking the lecturer's movements.• Provide tracking functionality regardless of whether the lights are on or off.• Exclude tracking of moving objects projected onto the screen.• Enable automatic framing of all attendees by dynamically adjusting the selection range based on the number of participants.• In a meeting, automatically zoom in to cover newly joined individuals with the camera.• In a meeting, when someone leaves, automatically zoom out to provide a close-up view of the remaining participants.
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Introducing RJC3900: The Ultimate Smart Tracking AI Camera Solution

Experience the future of tracking technology with RJC3900, a revolutionary device designed to deliver accurate and stable detection and tracking in various environments. With its advanced features and intelligent algorithms, RJC3900 ensures seamless tracking performance and enhances your visual communication experience.

Enjoy precise and reliable tracking capabilities with RJC3900. Its exceptional anti-interference ability and low false detection rate guarantee accurate and stable tracking, even in challenging conditions. The camera’s adjustable sensitivity allows for customizable tracking settings, eliminating false detections caused by target shaking or hand movements.

RJC3900’s tracking extends both horizontally and vertically, ensuring clear and uninterrupted tracking of the target. Say goodbye to virtual focus lenses as RJC3900 automatically adjusts zoom levels to maintain an appropriate size based on the target’s distance. The tracking effect remains unaffected by variations in size, shape, or the lecture hall’s environment.

Experience intelligent exposure function with RJC3900, which prevents the darkening of the tracking target under strong background lighting such as projectors. Enjoy consistently clear and well-lit visuals, enhancing the overall quality of your presentations and lectures.

Equipped with dual-cam design, RJC3900 offers both tracking and full-view capabilities. The full-view camera enables comprehensive detection and recognition of all individuals in the scene, while the tracking camera boasts a high-definition lens with 12/20X optical zoom, reaching distances of up to 30 meters and an impressive HFOV of up to 72.5°.

Powered by advanced AI algorithms based on deep learning, RJC3900 ensures stable tracking performance and precise posture recognition. With various tracking modes available, including smart framing, auto zone tracking, group tracking, and more, RJC3900 provides versatile and adaptable tracking options to suit your specific needs.

RJC3900 goes beyond tracking and offers board writing recognition based on pose estimation. This feature provides a clear and well-lit view of writing content, enhancing the effectiveness of presentations and demonstrations.

Enjoy seamless connectivity with RJC3900 through simultaneous HDMI, USB3.0, Ethernet, and 3G-SDI outputs. The device supports POE (Power over Ethernet) for simplified installation and setup. Take advantage of the built-in web UI for easy configuration and control, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Upgrade your tracking capabilities with RJC3900 and unlock a new level of precision, flexibility, and convenience. Whether for classrooms, conference rooms, or lecture halls, RJC3900 revolutionizes how you track, present, and engage with your audience.

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