Professional-grade high-end omnidirectional
microphone and speaker

SV615 Expansion Unit
Microphone / Speaker

Omnidirectional Microphone / Speaker


• Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 USB• Microphone Arrays: 2 Microphones• Best Pickup Radius: 4 Meters• Volume: 85 dB• Sampling Rate: 48KHz• Pickup Mode: 360°• Interface: RJ145• Microphone Signal Frequency Response: 100Hz-22KHz• Speaker Signal Frequency Response: 100Hz-22KHz• Size: 152mm*152mm*40mm

Audio Processing Parameters• Echo Length ≥ 500ms• Deep Echo Elimination ≥ 65dB• Bidirectional noise compression ≥ 18dB• 3A: AEC/ANS/AGC

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Introducing the SV615 Expansion Unit: Expand Your Audio Capabilities with Ease

Designed to seamlessly integrate with RJ Tech’s audio products, the SV615 Expansion Unit enhances your audio setup and takes your communication to the next level.

With connectivity options including Bluetooth 5.0 and USB, the SV615 Expansion Unit ensures convenient and reliable connections. Featuring 2 microphone arrays and a best pickup radius of 4 meters, it captures every sound with remarkable clarity and precision. The 360° pickup mode guarantees comprehensive sound reception from all directions, delivering immersive and natural communication experiences.

Compact in size, measuring 152mm x 152mm x 40mm, the SV615 Expansion Unit seamlessly integrates into your audio setup without taking up valuable space. Its sleek design blends effortlessly with your existing equipment, providing a cohesive and professional look.

Equipped with advanced audio processing parameters, the SV615 Expansion Unit offers outstanding performance. With echo length of ≥ 500ms, deep echo elimination of ≥ 65dB, and bidirectional noise compression of ≥ 18dB, it ensures clear and intelligible audio, even in challenging environments. The 3A technology (AEC/ANS/AGC) further enhances the audio quality, optimizing echo cancellation, noise suppression, and automatic gain control.

Upgrade your audio setup effortlessly with the SV615 Expansion Unit. Whether you’re hosting large conferences, delivering presentations, or conducting remote collaborations, this expansion unit provides the flexibility and functionality you need to achieve exceptional audio performance.

Compatible with RJ Tech’s audio products, the SV615 Expansion Unit seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, expanding your audio capabilities and delivering outstanding results. Elevate your communication and ensure that every voice is heard with clarity and precision. With the SV615 Expansion Unit, take your audio experience to new heights and create impactful and memorable conversations.

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